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Job Hunters Lab

Fast Track Your Job Search


Each Monday evening you'll hear a talk about a relevant topic and that Thursday evening it is an open session for questions and answers.

This a  job hunters lab where you'll get tips and techniques you can immediately implement to fast track your job search. There will be handouts and assignments. How much or how little you do it up to you!

Why call it a lab? Remember in high school when you actually went into the lab and worked with your fellow students? The learning stopped being theoretical and was practical.

We will do this together and here you have a safe place to try things (like pitches...) and get feedback.

This is a LIVE and interactive course so you can break down barriers, get feedback, and meet others who can help you succeed.

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to work. 

Monday evening you hear a talk about a relevant topic and that Thursday evening it is an open session for questions and answers. NOTE:  Monday sessions will be recorded in case you want to return to them.

Learn how to leverage LinkedIn, make your profile stand out and build a long-lasting network. Understand how to stay in touch and help others succeed. 

Polish how to present your best self online and in person. Master essential communication skills including public speaking, writing emails, and your elevator pitch.

Private community to ask questions, get help, and support others.

What You Will Learn


Building a solid network is instrumental to get a job and keep a job. Throughout the program we'll discuss effective ways to build and maintain a mutually beneficial network.

Communication Skills

Zoom, email, text, phone and one day we'll go back to seeing each other in person - there are so many ways to communicate. We'll discuss what is best for each situation.


How to write the best one for the job and make yourself stand out in a crowded market.

Interview Skills

How to best present yourself when you get the interview. Ways to handle nerves, make an excellent first impression, and how to follow up afterwards.


With over 700 million members, LinkedIn is the go-to site to showcase your professional background and accomplishments. All students will get access to my LinkedIn Fundamentals course for FREE ($49 value) when you join the Job Hunters Lab.

Dealing with setbacks and building resilence

It's understandable to get discouraged in this job market. Learn how to deal with setbacks and ways to build resilience.

Negotiating a job offer

Learn what and how to ask for things such as vacation time, professional development opportunities, and other benefits when negotiating your job offer.

And much more

Since this is the first time I'm offering this course, your input is welcome to help select and prioritize topics that are useful.

Diane Darling

Diane Darling

Published Author & Professional Speaker

Pre-COVID Diane was traveling the world as a speaker at conferences and helping companies succeed by teaching communications skills.

With this course she is lending her skills, expertise, and experience helping job hunters fast track their search.

Diane is considered a pioneer in the field of networking and she was commission by McGraw-Hill to write the definitive book on the topic. Her books have been translated into nine languages.

An early adopter of LinkedIn she joined the platform in 2003 (her membership number is 16,418 out of 700 million).

She is inviting you to her first online course helping job hunters. Join her and invite your friends.

BONUS for First 10 Students

Personalized Feedback on your LinkedIn Profile

Get personalized feedback from Diane on your LinkedIn profile and how to make it most appealing as a job seeker.

Limited Availability

Only available for the first 10 students!

Immediate Access

No need to wait until the course starts. I'll provide the feedback immediately. Typically, I charge $125 for this alone!


Diane presented a virtual session on how to use LinkedIn to promote yourself/your business and I am so glad I attended! She takes the daunting world of LinkedIn and breaks it up into digestible pieces so the task actually feels manageable. Thank you Diane!

At the moment I'm teaching the first cohort. I'll keep you posted on pricing and other updates in the next few weeks.


FANTASTIC question and I would love it that happened! The information will be relevant for you when you are starting your job. I encourage you to keep attending.

As you can appreciate the course pricing is exceptional value for what you are receiving. No refunds will be made after the course starts.

Needless to say this year the holidays will be different than ever before. Believe it or not, they are a terrific time to job and there are many informal opportunities for you to meet people and get out there. We will continue to meet and the sessions will be recorded in case you missed something.

Absolutely! Some people prefer a private experience and I'm happy to discuss that with you. Simply send me an email to

Join the waitlist to get added to
the next open enrollment!